Princess Diamond in Dallas: 7 Things to Look For in a Princess Cut Diamond

Princess Diamond in Dallas: 7 Things to Look For in a Princess Cut Diamond

What is a princess cut diamond?

It is one of the relative newcomers to the diamond universe, created in 1981 by Betzalel Amber and Israel Itskowitz. Princess cut diamonds are described as square modified brilliants that you find on other square diamonds like the Asscher cut. A princess cut diamond could be rectangular or tapered and it looks like a pyramid upside down, with a lot of its weight on the pavilion, which is the reason why certain side stones could finished diamond may appear to be smaller compared to the diamonds of a different shape but with similar or the same carat weight. 

The price range of a 1ct princess cut diamond is usually around $3,500 on average, unique princess cut engagement rings tend to cost more but it is less expensive than a round cut diamond.

The princess cut diamonds stand out as something different, unusual, which is why the loose princess cut diamond is such a popular design right now. A lot of brides-to-be are seeking something non-traditional and are often captivated by the shape and cutting style.

Here are 5 Things to Look Out for in a Princess Cut Diamond:

  1. The Shape of the Diamond

The square princess cut diamond is the traditional shape that people go for, with four sides of equal length. What other people didn’t know though is that there is another princess cut diamond ring design. It is slightly rectangular, though that is a little harder to detect. 

A square princess cut diamond has a length-to-width ratio not exceeding 1:05:1. Having uneven sides makes the diamond less attractive.

  1. The Symmetry of the Diamond

The symmetry of the facets helps create the beauty of the cut. If you want to look for it, you could draw an imaginary line down the length of the diamond to see if the facets on the right are the same as the left one. Also, look for the points of the facets to make sure that there are no missing facets and or extra ones. Afterwhich, draw an imaginary horizontal line across the diamond to see whether or not the bottom and the tops halves are symmetrical as well.

The more symmetrical the facets, the more desirable the diamond.

  1. Scintillation of the Diamond

This is the balanced contrast of light and dark patterns in the table and facets. A stone could either be too light or too dark and that typically lessens the attractiveness compared to one that has a pleasing balance.

  1. Avoid Pavilion Bulge

Look at the diamond through a 10x loupe from the side. The pavilion should gently slope from the girdle to the cutlet. If the slope is steep, it could create a pavillionbulge, making the diamond look darker than it should be and it adds extra weight to the ring itself.

  1. Don’t Expect to See a Culet as You would in a Standard Round Cut Diamond

The lack of a culet means that the pavilion pint is susceptible to chipping and this could be avoided if you choose the proper setting.

  1. Setting Styles

There are certain popular setting styles that people often use. Princess diamonds are often mounted as solitaires in four-prong settings, but bezel settings are a close second. These styles often protect the corners of the diamond from chipping.

  1. Side Stones

There are certain side stones that could help enhance the beauty of the princess cut diamonds. A few examples of these side stones are triangles, trilliants, baguettes, and tapered baguettes.

People often tend to compare the round cut diamond and the princess cut diamond, which is prettier? Well, beauty is a subjective matter and it only depends on what aesthetic you are going for and what your style is. If you are looking for a diamond with a lot of brightness and is somewhere less conventional and traditional than the standard engagement ring, a princess cut diamond ring might be the one for you. 
There are a lot of unique princess cut engagement rings in the market out there. Look for a unique and elegant princess diamonds in Dallas with affordable prices and quality service!