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When a manufacturer is successful, there’s normally a motivation to increase it.

Disneyland was an extension of Disney videos. It reflected some of the magic of the flicks, but established something new and useful as effectively. Disneyland had some of the Disney essence and then created a little something additive and new.

Apple did the exact same issue with the Iphone in extending the manufacturer of the Mac.

On the other hand, the new Leica view is just a memento. It is not a better observe. It’s not more of a Leica than any of a dozen other overpriced watches could be noticed to be. It’s basically there to remind you that you preferred the authentic. It is a memento of a experience, not the creator.

Absolutely nothing wrong with a souvenir. I’m absolutely sure Leica will make a profit from their watch with little hurt to the assure that the brand name itself will make. But make way too a lot of souvenirs and you turn into a hollow shell, squandering the chance to make the modify you search for.

The crappy t-shirt you bought at your preferred musician’s concert is a memento, but they should not rely on that as their legacy or the motor of their expansion.

All working day, individual creators have to make possibilities about what they’re going to do upcoming. From time to time we can develop an extension. And often, we make a decision to make a souvenir instead.

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