In this ongoing collection, we are sharing advice, tips and insights from actual business owners who are out there doing business battle on a daily basis. (Solutions have been edited and condensed for clarity.) 

My identify is Justin Hai, I’m the president and CEO of Rebalance Well being. Our primary emphasis is to modulate and rebalance cortisol ranges in males and gals to assist assist and restore stability to other hormones — by natural means.

What encouraged you to build this small business? 

My wife has Cushing’s, an autoimmune disease that is perpetuated by higher levels of cortisol. So, it seemed obvious to me that if there was a remedy that I could make, why wouldn’t I attempt? My exploration confirmed me the connection amongst cortisol degrees and circadian rhythms, and I could then see how “rebalancing” cortisol in sync with our organic rhythm generates all kinds of extraordinary advantages.  

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What suggestions would you give entrepreneurs searching for funding, which include the place to search and how to prepare for a pitch?

When it will come to on the lookout for funding and preparing for a pitch, you want to examination your business principle and presentation expertise with your close friends and household. It is a litmus test to see if folks feel in you and your principle. If your mates and household really don’t consider in you, then an angel or qualified investor won’t possibly. 

What does the word “entrepreneur” mean to you?

An entrepreneur is another person who thinks exterior the box, worries the status quo, has a vision and is maniacal in pursuing it. It really is not a nine to five career — it is a passion. An entrepreneur follows their enthusiasm, their coronary heart, solves challenges, and hardly ever offers up.

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What is a little something a lot of aspiring business enterprise house owners feel they need that they definitely never?

Validation. It’s a slippery slope to be inquiring for information or direction because, internally, you are really seeking for validation. This in the end can guide to disappointment, question, and hesitation. 

Is there a unique quote or stating that you use as personalized determination?

“I’m telling you it can be not likely to be simple, but it truly is gonna be well worth it”. 

I believe as a modern society, we’ve forgotten what it suggests to function challenging, operate good, and stay correct to your mission and vision. Executing that vision is difficult, but when performed correct it’s immensely fulfilling. It is not likely to be great it really is heading to be seriously messy. But messy is entertaining, messy is very good — messy keeps you humble and nimble. If carried out appropriate, it is not perform — it is pleasurable. And it is really not going to be easy, but it is gonna be well worth it!

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